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2017-07-17CNN News: 叙利亚发生疑似使用了化学武器的恐袭事件

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]And our first stop today is in the Middle East. Officials worldwide are investigating an att... [查看全文]

2017-07-16CNN News: 罕见现象! 美国参议院全体参加安全会议

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]It's pretty rare for the entire 100-member U.S. Senate is called to the White House for... [查看全文]

2017-07-15CNN News: 美国副总统访问朝韩非军事地区

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]We're back to our daily coverage of explaining international events today. It starts with... [查看全文]

2017-07-14CNN News: 特朗普希望巴以能达成和平协议

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]For the second stop on his first international trip as U.S. leader, President Donald Trump l... [查看全文]

2017-07-13CNN News: 全球种子库出现缺口渗水

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Another story we're covering, what's known as the Doomsday Vault has been breached.下面... [查看全文]

2017-07-12CNN News: 特朗普受到沙特盛大欢迎 两国签署价值千亿协议

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]President Donald Trump is taking his first international trip as U.S. leader. He arrived in ... [查看全文]

2017-07-10CNN News: 朝鲜关押多名美国公民

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]A University of Virginia student, an accounting teacher, a Pyongyang university employee and a... [查看全文]

2017-07-09CNN News: 谈话内容被公布 特朗普真的蓄意非法干扰政府工作?

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]First today, an explanation of a controversy swirling around the Trump administration. It conc... [查看全文]

2017-07-05CNN News: 报道称特朗普总统与俄官员分享绝密信息

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]A lot of discussion is going on right now with Washington, D.C., about whether U.S. Presiden... [查看全文]

2017-07-04CNN News: 朝鲜核试验取得成功 美方呼吁加重对其经济制裁

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Up next today — unlike the last couple of missile tests conducted by the Asian country of... [查看全文]