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2018-04-20CNN News: 美、英和法共同对叙利亚发动军事袭击

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]On Friday night, the United States, the United Kingdom and France worked together to launch ... [查看全文]

2018-04-19CNN News: 美南达科他州计划增设电商销售税

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Today’s show starts with a pair of significant cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Cour... [查看全文]

2018-04-19CNN News: 特朗普称美朝对话地点有5处备选

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Never before has a sitting U.S. president met with the sitting leader of North Korea. But w... [查看全文]

2018-04-17CNN News: 叙利亚核武器 美俄再生分歧

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons or OPCW is an independent organizatio... [查看全文]

2018-04-16CNN News: 月球是太阳系最冷的地方

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Where would you find Grimaldi, Copernicus and the Sea of Clouds?你会在哪里找到格里马尔迪、哥白尼... [查看全文]

2018-04-15CNN News: 扎克伯格对泄漏用户隐私事件做保证

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Which of these includes more than 2 billion people?以下哪个选项的人数超过20亿?Facebook users, pop... [查看全文]

2018-04-14CNN News: 脸谱网关于政治类广告新举措

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Tens of millions of people will soon be able to see how they were affected by a data brea... [查看全文]

2018-04-13CNN News: “特朗普派”候任国务卿

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Our show begins with a pair of headlines. The first from Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., ... [查看全文]

2018-04-12CNN News: 美众议院议长保罗·瑞安宣布将不寻求连任

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Since 2015, Paul Ryan, a Republican from the state of Wisconsin, has led the House of Repre... [查看全文]

2018-04-11CNN News: 叙利亚遭受非法化学袭击

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Was there an illegal chemical weapons attack in Syria over the weekend? And what could that... [查看全文]