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2013-03-14CNN News:肯尼亚大选牵动各国关系

I'm Tommy Andrey from CNN radio, I'm filling in for Carl as we start a new week of CNN student news.Fi... [查看全文]

2013-03-13CNN News:我国履行联合国对朝鲜制裁决议

Hi everyone, I'm Tommy Andrews.I'am correspondent with CNN radio.But today I'm filling in for Carl and... [查看全文]

2013-03-12CNN News:肯尼亚大选如火如荼进行

It's March fifth edition of CNN student news.We're heading to the African nation of Kenya.It's a home... [查看全文]

2013-03-09CNN News:梵蒂冈将沿袭过往程序选举新任教皇

Conclave is a term that comes from the two Latin words,meaning with a key,referes to the fact that the cardinal... [查看全文]

2013-03-08CNN News:佛罗里达州惊现天坑 专家解读其中原因

First up today on CNN Student News, this Florida resident was in his bedroom last Thursday night.Suddenly the gr... [查看全文]

2013-03-07CNN News:教皇本笃十六世宣布退位 新教皇或在近期产生

It's Thursday, February 28, and it's Pope Benedict the XVI's last day as Pope.He announced his resigna... [查看全文]

2013-03-06CNN News:纽镇遇害儿童父亲呼吁禁止攻击性武器

Hi I'm Anderson Cooper.Welcome to Podcast.Newton father talks about last moment with his son and what needs t... [查看全文]

2013-03-05CNN News:美国参议院批准哈格尔出任国防部长

It's Wednesday.I am Carl Azuz.This CNN student news just few minutes,we are going to explain how musician can... [查看全文]

2013-03-05CNN News:奥巴马总统呼吁改革移民政策

That feeling, he's a real card.Alright, first up today, an issue that's getting a lot of attention in Wa... [查看全文]