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2015-12-19CNN News: 圣诞老人冲浪比赛

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]There was 10 days before Christmas, when red and white checkered Santas set out to break wo... [查看全文]

2015-12-18CNN News:美国洛杉矶遇炸弹威胁,近千所校园关闭

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]We`re starting today with a tale of two threats.今天我们首先谈论一下两起威胁事件。One was in Ame... [查看全文]

2015-12-17CNN News: 可爱的北极熊

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Polar bears are the biggest carnivores on land. They`ll eat whales, musk ox, walrus, reindeer... [查看全文]

2015-12-16CNN News: 冬天在哪里

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]If you`re dreaming of a White Christmas, the dream may be as close as you get. `Tis the s... [查看全文]

2015-12-15CNN News: 人类DNA

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Since 1901, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to 172 people. That includes these... [查看全文]

2015-12-11CNN News: 句号和短信的矛盾

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]English teachers have got to be thankful they don`t have to correct grammar for text message... [查看全文]

2015-12-10CNN News: 委美关系恶化 委内瑞拉陷入经济危机

参考译文:Venezuela has one of the world`s worst economies. It`s in a deep recession. Inflation is out of control... [查看全文]

2015-12-09CNN News: 滚南瓜比赛

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]Forget carving pumpkins, pumpkin seeds or pumpkin pie. In Chagrin Falls, Ohio, high school st... [查看全文]

2015-12-08CNN News: 骨骼移植手术未来展望

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]In the U.S., doctors performed almost a million bone graft surgeries every year. Most of the... [查看全文]

2015-12-07CNN News: 加州枪击事件 奥巴马讲话

[tctab]参考译文[/tctab]First up, a search for answers, after a mass shooting Wednesday in San Bernardino, California... [查看全文]