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How to check if you are on the list of susceptible to cancer?


Today, cancer is on the rise, with many serious health and life complications, especially in women. Every time we mention cancer, we all feel scared, but only when we proactively face the disease can we prevent the disease effectively.


Cancer is a disease that does not exclude anyone. However, research results from reliable health agencies around the world have shown that women who are at higher risk of cancer than others have the following characteristics. If you are also on this list, you need to make changes or get medical checkups soon.



Signs of people with cancer


1. Women always feel stressed


Taiwanese health expert Zhao Mingwei says women who have negative energy, are easily stressed, are narcissistic, irritable, have too much desire, are too arrogant ... need Attention must be paid to the risk of forming dangerous diseases.


According to the Mayo Clinic report, people with long-term stress can lead to serious illnesses like depression, autism, loss of emotions and even cancer. Especially cancers of the digestive system and endocrine.


If you are a negative person often, you need to quickly change by relaxing your body, giving yourself time to rest, relax to travel, listen to music or take part in yoga.



2. Constantly staying up late


A study conducted by the American Cancer Society found that women who slept less than 7 hours a day increased their risk of breast cancer by 47%. Because during sleep, the female body produces melatonin - a substance that can slow estrogen production and inhibit the potential risks of breast cancer.


Not only that, staying up late also makes women with memory loss, difficulty concentrating, always in a state of fatigue and causing serious physical weakness. If you are keeping this bad habit, women should quickly change, build a habit of going to bed before 11pm and need 8 hours of sleep every day.



3. The woman eats a lot of red meat


Red meat is the ingredient of countless delicious dishes that any age people love. However, they are classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as group 2A, which can cause cancer in humans.


According to WHO, red meat is all mammalian muscle meats, including beef, veal, pork, lamb and goat meat.


A study published by the University of Oxford Press, UK in 2007, found that red meat contains a protein that can damage the human gut, while increasing the risk of colon cancer. The protein is heme, which gives off the red color of meat, which can damage our intestinal lining.



4. Women are deficient in vitamins


Swiss experts show that not only women but also men with vitamin deficiencies are more susceptible to cancer attacks.




- People who lack vitamin A, beta-carotene will have the rate of lung cancer increased 3 times.


- For those who lack vitamin C, the incidence of esophageal cancer and stomach increased by 2 times and 3.5 times, respectively.


- People who are deficient in vitamin E will be at higher risk for oral cancer, nasopharynx cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer ...



5. Married woman with cancer


Many studies show that if a spouse is suffering from cancer, the other person may have the disease, medically calling it a "spousal cancer". Of course, cancer is completely non-infectious, the main cause of "married cancer" is because couples often share the same bad living habits.


The most common types of "couple cancer" on couples are lung cancer, liver cancer, and stomach cancer. Therefore, if a married woman has or has had cancer, it is important to get screened as soon as possible.


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