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走遍美国Opening Night 展览开幕之夜 ACT II





Do you like the dress? 你喜欢这套衣服?
I love it. 我喜欢。
I designed it myself. 这是我自己设计的。
It's beautiful. 它很漂亮。
Are you ready? 你准备好了吗?
We're supposed to be there 我们应当先到那儿
before the guests arrive. 在客人到达之前。
I know. I know. 我知道。我知道。
Help me with this tie, will you? 帮我打领带,好吗?
Honey, I'm scared to death. 亲爱的,我害怕得要命。
But this is what you've been working for all these years. 但你多年来的工作,为的就是这个呀。
No, no. 不,不。
I worked to put together a book of photographs. 我的工作是创作出一本摄影书。
This is show business. 而今天这个却是演艺事业。
Well, it's all part of the same job. 嗯,它们都是同一项工作的一部份。
Just relax and enjoy it. 放轻松点,好好地享受它。
You're right. 说得对。
I earned this, and I'm going to enjoy it. 我辛苦赢得的,我要去享受它。
As soon as I recover from my nervous breakdown. 只等我从神经崩溃中恢复过来。
What are you afraid of? 你怕什么?
Everything. 每一样事情。
A critic was there this morning. 一个评论家早上去过了。
He probably hates my work. 他也许讨厌我的作品。
I have to sign copies of my book for a lot of people 我还必须为许多人在我的书上签名
I never met before. 我从未谋面过的的人。
My new shoes hurt my feet ... 我的新鞋弄痛了我的脚……
You're going to be a great success. 你会获得很大的成功的。
Are you ready? 你准备好了吗?
As soon as I get these cuff links on. 只等我将袖扣扣好。
Let me help. 我来帮忙。
Mom and Dad are already on their way down to the gallery. 妈妈和爸爸已经出发去画廊了。
There! You look very attractive. 天!你看起来真引人注目。
Thank you. 谢谢。
Well, I suppose I've run out of excuses. 噢,我想我再也找不出籍口了。
Mm-hmm. Let's go ... 嗯哼。我们走吧……
Oh, one minute. 噢,再等一分钟。
Before we go to the gallery, 在我们去画廊之前,
I just want to tell you 我想告诉你
that I never could have done this book 我不可能完成这本书
without your help and your love. 要不是你的帮助和爱。
I appreciate it. 我很感激。
Thanks. 谢谢。
Now, no more stalling. 现在,不要再拖延了。
What is it? 怎么回事?
There's nobody here! 这儿一个人都没有!
Of course not, Richard. 当然不会有,Richard。
Your show doesn't begin until eight thirty. 你的展览八点半才开始。
Oh. Right. 噢。对了。
Richard! Welcome! Good luck tonight! Richard!欢迎!祝你今天晚上好运!
Well, thanks. 噢,谢谢你。
This is my publisher, Harvey Carlson. 这是我的出版商Harvey Carlson。
You've met my wife Marilyn ... 你曾经见过我太太Marilyn…
Charmed. 荣幸见到你。
Hi. 嗨 。
My mother, Ellen Stewart. 我母亲Ellen Stewart。
Harvey Carlson. 这是Harvey Carlson。
It's good to meet you. 很高兴见到你。
It's good to meet you. 很高兴见到你。
This is my father, Dr. Philip Stewart ... 这是我父亲 Philip Stewart医生……
Nice to meet you, Mr. Carlson. 很高兴见到你,Carlson先生。
My brother Robbie ... 我弟弟Robbie……
Hi. 嗨。
Hi. 嗨。
And this is my sister Susan and her husband Harry Bennett 这是我妹妹Susan和她丈夫Harry Bennett
and his daughter Michelle. 以及他女儿Michelle。
It's nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你。
And this gentleman is my grandfather, Malcolm Stewart. 这位绅士是我祖父Malcolm Stewart。
Welcome, Mr. Stewart. 欢迎你,Stewart先生。
Well, make yourselves comfortable. 噢,请大家自便。
There are hors d'oeuvres at the table, fruit punch at the bar. 在桌子上有小吃,有水果调味饮品。
Help yourselves. 请随便用。
Can I get you something, Mr. Stewart? 要我替你拿点什么吗,Stewart先生?
No, thank you. 不用了,谢谢你。
You can feel very proud of your grandson, Mr. Stewart. 你可以为你的孙子感到非常的骄傲,Stewart先生?
I do. 我就是啊。
I'm proud of all my grandchildren, Mr. Carlson. 我为我所有的孙子孙女感到骄傲,Carlson先生。
Of course. 当然。
Feel free to look around. 请随意到处看看。
If you need anything, just ask. 假如你需要什么,请尽管讲。
Thank you. 谢谢你。
Harvey? Harvey?
Yes? 怎么?
Did Mitchell Johnson's review come out yet? Mitchell Johnson的评论出来了没有?
Not yet. 还没有。
The newspapers don't come out till about ten o'clock. 报纸要差不多十点钟才出来。
When they come out, we'll get it. 一出来,我们就会拿到手。
Thanks. 谢谢。
Ready? 准备好了吗?
Yes. Have the people arrived? 是的。客人来了?
The guests are waiting. 客人们正等着呢。
Tom's about to open the doors. Tom准备要开门。
Good luck! And stop worrying! 祝你好运!别再担心!
They're going to love it. 他们会喜欢的。

Nervous about the opening tonight?
Nervous? Me? No. I'm scared to death.
Ooh, I'm nervous!
I'm scared to death.
My heart is pounding like a drum.
And I'm out of breath.
Ooh, I'm nervous!
I can't think straight.
My palms are sweaty, I can't relax,
and I just can't concentrate.
I've got butterflies in my stomach.
And look at my hands!
They shake!
I try to get to sleep at night.
But I lie there wide awake ...
'cause I'm nervous!
Oh, I'm just a mess. Yeah!
My mouth is dry, I can hardly speak,
and I can't even get myself dressed.
I earned this, and I'm going to enjoy it.
As soon as I recover from my nervous breakdown.
Ooh, I'm nervous!
It's my opening night.
I'm weak in the knees, I'm fidgety,
And I'm beside myself with fright.
I've got butterflies in my stomach.
And look at my hands!
They shake!
I try to get to sleep at night.
But I lie there wide awake ...
'cause I'm nervous!
And it's easy to see.
I'm jumpy. I'm jittery.
I'm anxious and panicky.
Ooh, I'm nervous!
Yeah, I'm nervous!

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