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Contrary to what you might expect, the Chineseastrological system actually holds that those bornunder the zodiac sign that is being celebrated don'treceive much luck.


"This isn't a year for Pigs to take risks or initiateany major changes." consultant astrologer Carmentold INSIDER.


Romantic success isn't really in the cards for Pigs in 2019 either.


"Don't expect this year to bring excitement in the relationship department. For singles, this yearis likely to bring relationship lessons but not growth," she said.


In 2019, Rat signs will have the opportunity to experience some serious career advancementand make new beneficial work connections.


"Career will be the biggest win for Rats during the Year of the Pig. Success will come from theRats' talents, skills, and ability to network as well as from their connections." Carmen said.


However, Rats should focus on building momentum where there are rather than looking for anew job.


Romance may also crop up for Rats in 2019, but it likely won't be anything too dramatic.


People born in the Year of the Ox can look forward to a great run of luck with money andfinances in 2019. Those who were born in the Year of the Ox may expect career changes, promotions, and salary upgrades.


The only caveat here is that there is such thing as too much of a good thing. Ox signs should beprepared to deal with success when it comes and they should have a plan for turning a suddenwindfall into a long-lasting fortune.


Tigers probably shouldn't expect any dramatic positive changes in 2019. Tigers should focuson maintaining their success rather than look for huge new successes.


However, this year is actually a good time for Tigers to expand their social circles. Carmenadvised that meeting new people and sharing ideas will lead to wins in career and friendship, though love connections won't necessarily lead to lasting love.


In Chinese astrology, the Pig is very supportive of the Rabbit. This means that Rabbits canexpect pretty much every aspect of their lives to receive a boost in 2019.


"Career growth is very likely and includes switching jobs, starting a business, and gettingpromotions all of which leads to more income. This will be a pretty stellar year for the Rabbit," Carmen revealed.


Rabbits can also expect their fair share of romantic and interpersonal success in 2019. "Relationships of all kinds will grow and strengthen this year. Singles will find love while thosealready coupled will spend more quality time with each other," said Carmen.


Astrologer Stellhorn added that this is also a good year for Rabbits to go back to school ortravel. "If you plan to travel this year, you'll receive much help and support. And in your travels, you can meet people who can become important parts of your life," she said.


Dragon signs can expect good things in 2019. It'll be a year of opportunities on all sides.


"Opportunities in either career or a side-hustle will present themselves to increase the flow ofincome. Single Dragons will find someone special this year, while those already paired will levelup," Carmen said.


However, Stellhorn cautioned that the success of romantic opportunities will be tempered byDragons' willingness to connect. "There are love opportunities for you if you're willing tocome down to earth and have a conversation rather than just being admired from afar," saidStellhorn.


People born under this sign can expect challenges in almost every area of life.


Snakes might have to contend with fluctuations in income, lack of work opportunities, andunexpected expenses. Because of this, it's a good idea for Snakes to start saving for a rainyday as soon as possible.


Both single and coupled Snake signs may have to deal with frustrations from other areas of lifeboiling over into their romantic lives, Carmen added.


The Year of the Pig brings blessings to the Horse in career, finance, and relationships.


"Opportunities that present themselves will be rewarding financially as well as boostingreputation. " said Carmen.


However, the adage "it takes money to make money" will definitely apply for Horses this year. They will find themselves expending financial resources to support career expansion.


In terms of romance, Horses can expect to ride through the year without too many relationshipbumps.


This year is shaping up to be a great one for Sheep. These lucky lambs will experience goodfortune in all areas of life including relationships, career, money, and health.


"You have more luck this year and you can take calculated risks both in love and in business. Putting out creative work will bring back praise and accolades," Stellhorn said.


Sheep will also find 2019 brings more opportunities for love and relationships.


"If you have been single, that won't be the case much longer. Upgrades, marriage, and evenpregnancy is likely for Sheep," said Carmen. Stellhorn also mentioned that Sheep seeking helpfor fertility issues should have good luck this year.


Monkey signs may run into trouble in 2019 if they don't keep their energetic natures in check. This year has the potential to send Monkeys plenty of drama and even legal problems.


In career, there could be clashes that make it hard for Monkeys to make any major moves orpower plays. Personal relationships may also be challenging.


Monkeys will have to put in an effort to maintain or grow relationships as well as attract newones.


It is said that health is wealth, and this year Rooster people should focus on both of theseareas. If Roosters aren't careful, their finances and wellness could take a real hit in 2019.


"Health issues could arise from illness, accidents, or stress. It's likely to cause a domino effect. In order to be effective in other areas, rooster people should practice self-care as well aspracticing good health habits," said Carmen.


Keeping business ventures on track may prove problematic and finances could suffer as aresult. "Rooster may suffer a loss of income. This could be from bad investments, paying downdebts, lawsuits, and unexpected money drainers," Carmen explained.


But it's not all bad news. Stellhorn clarified that 2019 will also bring opportunities for Roosters.





"All the new things you've been doing for the last year or two are starting to pay off. New loveis possible or you may take an existing relationship to the next level. An important contract orbusiness agreement may be possible. You can negotiate a win-win," she said.


Hard work and effort will pay off for Dogs this year. People with this sign may have faced adifficult 2018, but those tough experiences will help Dogs succeed in 2019.


"Last year definitely had challenges for those born in the Year of the Dog. Those challengeshelped Dogs to mature and become more practical. These traits will help Dogs make the bestof opportunities in the Year of the Pig," said Carmen.


There will be opportunities for Dogs in all areas, including career, finances, and relationships. However, as Carmen noted, these opportunities don't automatically ensure success. Dogs willhave to put in work and effort to experience gains.


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