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CNN News:众说纷纭谈论查韦斯所留下的遗产





A warm welcome on this Thursday March 7, especially for anyone who's dealing with this.

Frosty reception, a winter storm, yes, another one, hammered parts of the midwestern and northeastern of United States this week.

Power outages, schools and businesses closed, flights canceled, Chicago had a record one day snow fall on Tuesday.

CNN's Ted Rowlands was there.

And this is not only in Chicago, of course, it is heading the midwest, Minneapolis, North Dakota, getting in excess of a foot of snow and the system is heading east.

We've gotten our yardstick out, and at least where I am, I've measured, from place to place, where it looked like the snow was untouched, about six inches of snow so far.

Right here in Downtown winchester, althought, that's by means a scientific reading.

Many airlines canceled, a number of flights, hundreds, in fact, and where I am at Dulles is a big hub for united airlines.

As is Chicago's O'Hare airports, though, United is taking a big hit, they canceled about 700 planes.

The highest waves during Sandy were maybe 40 miles an hour.

But, this time, they are talking about 12 to 15 foot seas, now you can see, the damage is still pretty clear about what happened during Hurricane Sandy.

Look, so many houses still have been destroyed or are heavily damaged.

Is this legit?

Members of OPEC, the organization of petroleum exporting countries are all middle eastern nations.

Not ture, OPEC includes countries from Africa and South America too.

Like Venezuela, a country of more than 28 million people, that's in the northern part of South America.

Oil is a huge part of the Venezuela's economy, it's one of the biggest industries in the country.

It's responsible for roughly 95% of all the money that Venezuela earns by selling products to other nations.

Venezuela is in the middle of the seven days of mourning, the country's longtime leader Hugo Chavez died this week.

Its casket was moved to a military academy yesterday, that's where his state funeral is scheduled to happen tomorrow.

Venezuela will set a day to elect a new leader in the next 30 days.

During his time as president, Hugo Chavez's supporters argued that he gave Venezuelans the sense of national pride.

His critics argued that Chavez ruined his country's economy and restricted people's liberties.

Controversy plays a large role in Chavez's legacy.

Victoria! Victoria!

He relished to be in at the center of controversy.

So it's no wonder his friends and foes had very different tastes on the Chavez legacy.

"He's made Venezuelans feel proud to be a Venezuelan again, and that is something I think that really no other leader has ever done in that country before, in fact, they were doing the opposite."

"He's destroyed the economy and centralized all power in his hands, decimated the Democratic constitution in the country and left Venezuelan democracy and even worse shape, so it's a pretty negative legacy."

Chavez's rhetoric often named the United States or multi-national coorperation, it invoked the promise of a socialist Utopia.

But Hugo Chavez had what most other Latin Americans leftists did not, oil.

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the wolrd, along with Saudi Arabia, that oil wealth enabled Chavez to offer up free education and health care in his own country.

The price of his socialist agenda, Hugo Chavez himself, presidential term limits were abolished.

Critics admit, he could have gone on winning elections indefinitely, his biggest failures may be his success, a legacy of one, friends and foes, the Chavez's legacy is filled with both.

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