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CNN News:阿根廷主教当选罗马新教皇





I am Carl Azuz,welcome to student CNN news.

Eversince pope Bedinect announced his plan to resign,we've been talking about how a new pope is choosing.

Yesterday we told you the black smoke from this chimney indicates a new pope had not been elected yet.

See, you know what this means.

The bells confirmed with the smoke signal.

The one 115 cardinals have come to a desicion.

I announce to you a great joy: we have a pope.

That new pope is Cardial Hohey Bergoneo,he is 76 years old from Argentina,he is the first pope from South American,that is the first pope in modern time who is not from Europe.

When cardinals become pope,they traditionally choose a new name.

Cardinal Bergoneo chose Francis,this is the first pope to do that too.

A CNN Vatican expert said the name symbolizes humanity,simplicity and rebuilding the catholic church.

Next we are moving from Italy to Syria.

Civil war in that country has been going on for two years.

More than 60,000 people have been killed and more than a millions others have left syria.

These refugees have escaped to neighboring countries like Turkey,Lebanon,Iraq and Jordan in to order to get away from the fightting.

When you have to leave your home quickly like a lot of these refugees have,you may only have time to grap a few things.

One photographer working in these camps asked people about the most important item they brought from home.

He carried with him the keys to his apartment in Damascas,he is not sure what's left in his home but he says he dreams everyday of returning.

He took his mobile phone with him when he fled Demascas and says this small piece of technology is his lifeline to his family,both hearing their voices and seeing pictures he saved on his phone.

She and her family left syria after their home in Italy was damaged.

The twenty-year-old proudly hold her diploma,the refugees camp where she stays visible behind her.

Temara plans to continue her education in Turkey,they are the true faces in Syria.

Lives that will be forever change escaping from war,separated froming everything they know and whole dear,taking with them their pride,their heritage and a little piece of home.

If you have to leave home,what is the one thing you would be sure to take with you?

Tell us on our blog today at CNN student

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