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CNN News:新任教皇获称为弗朗西斯一世 称将服务于穷人





Our other new world leader is the chief of state, for Vatican City.

You probably know him better by a different title, Pope, the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, as we told you yesterday.

There is a new Pope, Pope Francis, we'll get back to that name in a second, but before he took it, he was Cardinal Jorge Belgolio.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentine in 1936, before he became a priest, Belgolio started to be a chemist, he was ordained in 1969, became a Cardinal in 2001, he was supposedly the runner up to become Pope, in 2005, this year he was one of the oldest papal candidates.

He chose the name Francis in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi.

A Catholic who is famous for his work with the poor.

A Vatican experts said the name choices is very significant.

He said it shows the new Pope is focused on rebuilding the Catholic Church.

During this mess service yesterday, Pope Francis talked about moving the Catholic Church forward.

He's already made history as the first South American Pope, Tom Forman looks at the numbers involved in his election.

To understand just how astounding this election is, you have to consider the collision that occurred that between the 115 Cardinals electors in this room and 1.2 billion Catholics all over the planet.

Look at where they are, if you go out places like Oceania and Asia, there you'll get relatively small numbers, 9 million in Oceania.

You move to Asia, you get about 130 million, over the Africa, 185 million.

And then Europe with 285 million, that has always been the place where Popes came from.

But look at what has changed.

Here is North American, United States and Canada, we're talking about here, with 85 million Catholics, and then comes the power house, all of Latin America with 501 million Catholics, that's almost half of the world's Catholic population.

And bear in mind, over here in North America, one out of three Catholic says he is Hispanic.

So you can see the tremendous power here, if this world democracy, no question, this is the kind of Pope would be elected.

But it's not democracy, so look at what happened in this room that's so astonishing.

Considering Italy for a moment, this is one country with just under 56 million Catholics.

Compared that to Latin American that I mentioned before, a whole region with 501 million Catholics.

But now looked at the Cardinals who were in this room to vote on all of this, Italy, small as it is, had 28 Cardinals voting in this room.

Whereas Latin America is huge as it is, only had 19, and only two of them from Argentine.

The only way this election happened was for more people in this side to finally say the world really is changing for the Catholic Church after 2000 years.

It really is changing, and church has to answer to it, and this Pope is result.

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