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CNN News:巴基斯坦遭枪击少女重返校园





From that I-report in Sartell, Minnesota.

We are heading to the Middle East as we kick off today show.

President Obama is on the four-day trip to the region and he started yesterday in the Israel.

That's where he met with Israel President Shimon Peres.

And one interesting point here in Israel’s government, the President is mostly ceremonial position.

The person who run the country's government is the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

President Obama also met with him yesterday.

Leaders talked about some of the issues they both face like how to address Iran's controversial nuclear program.

Another issue on the agenda for this trip, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Today, President Obama is scheduled to visit the West Bank, a Palestinian territory.

He said to meet Mahmoud Abbas, the President of Palestinian authority.

So he is talking the leaders on both sides of this conflict.

Tomorrow after a few other stops in Israel, the President will head to Jordan.

There he is scheduled to do a new conference with Jordan's King Abdullah.

Then he heads back to the U.S. from Jordan on Saturday.

So why is the President making this trip?

Part of this job is diplomacy to represent the United States to the world.

That's why he meets other world leaders.

Plus the U.S. and Israel are close allies so visiting that country reinforces this strength of hat relationship.

Quick side note to this strip, yesterday we told you about the Beast.

The U.S. President personal limousine.

It went to Israel ahead of President Obama, so it can be there when he landed.

Unfortunately, the Beast went bust, it wouldn't start, had to be towed away.

An officer said the driver accidently filled it up with regular gas instead of what it needs.

Diesel fuels, opps.

Nothing worried about though.

When the President travels overseas, multiple are usually along for the ride.

So when President Obama landed, the backup Beast was ready to go.

It's hard to forget someone like Malala Yousafzai.

In her home at Pakistan where fewer than half the women can read and write.

Malala worked toward women's education right, even after she got death rights to stop.

She survived the shooting by Afghan terrorists.

The 15-year old has been recovering in the United Kingdom where on Tuesday she was once again able to continue her education in school.

I-TV news Rupert Evelyn was there.

The education campaigner is herself learning again.

Anxious and escorted by her father, Malala Yousafzai heads towards her first day go to new school.

Swapping the classroom of Pakistani Swart Valley, the private halls of Birmingham's Edgbaston High School.

I think this is the happiest moment there.

I am going back to my school.

And today I held my books, my bag and I would like to talk to my friends and talk to my teacher. 

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