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CNN News:索契冬奥会美代表团阵容公布 同性恋运动员上榜




It`s our panel to meet program of 2013. And it starts with next year`s Winter Olympics to happen in February in the Russian city of Sochi. There`s been some controversy involving the games, and about a Russian law regarding homosexuality. That under the law, it is not illegal to be homosexual, but it is illegal to promote homosexuality or same sex relationships to minors. Russian President Vladimir Putin says everyone, athletes and spectators will be welcome at the Olympics.

Yesterday, the U.S. announced its delegation for the Olympics, the people who will represent the U.S. in Sochi. Some analysts think that who`s going and who`s not could be sending a message. The delegation includes several openly homosexual American athletes, it doesn`t include President Obama, any member of the first family or any member of the presidential cabinet. The first time in more than ten years that`s happened.

Next up, diplomacy: how countries and governments interact. The U.S. and North Korea don`t have diplomatic relations. So, you don`t usually see officials from one country meeting with officials from the other. One high profile American is visiting North Korea later, but we`re not talking about an ambassador, or a government employee. It`s a former pro-basketball star.

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