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CNN News:百名游客体验美国太空旅游公司训练项目




Scientists say last month was the warmestNovember on the record.

Now, it might not have felt like that in the U.S., butNorth America was an exception.

The global average temperature for November was56.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

That's more than a degree above the 20th century average.

We don't know if that explains what you're about to see.

But in nature, when something changes, it can have a far-reaching impact.

A feeding frenzy along the Californiacoast. Like none ever recorded.

And talking to the old timers, a fisherman that have been here for 60 years, they've never seenanything like this.

Monterey Bay, now a massive soup bowl, as the locals call it feasting humpback whales.

They should have gone south months ago.

What would keep whales like this here?

We're talking about miles and miles of anchovies, mountains deep.

And it's not just whales. There are sea lions in droves. Even killer whales.

You've got to understand the entire food chain to get to understand this, and you won'tknow that unless you know more about the weather and the currents of the oceans.

Knowing more, a top priority for climate researchers as they grabble with new environmentaltrends.

One of my favorite sayings right now is we may be experiencing global weirding.

The Pacific recently has seen its fair share of weird.

Oh, nice one.

The invasion of Humboldt squid up and down the California coast.

Sea lion calves this year dying off in worrying numbers and in recent weeks, disturbingly seastars from Alaska to San Diego wasting away - literally - melting.

Starting to see animals who were coming here 30 or 40 years ago, maybe shifting their rangesfarther north.

Space might be the final frontier, but space tourism could let more people get there. Notcheap.

One company is offering people the experience of what it's like to launch out in the space.

Tourists could blast off into space as early as next year on Virgin Galactic's Spaceship 2.

Until then, future astronauts can train for the rigors of space on Earth.

It's the real deal.

We are training them just as we would a military pilot, a fighter pilot or an astronaut.

More than 300 people have taken a two-day space training course at the NASTAR Center inPennsylvania.

The program centers around the state of the art simulator.

A human centrifuge that replicates what space travel feels like.

Ian Sequan starts in three, two, one.

You're going to see your g-meter, your altimeter, your rear camera view, the visuals outside thespace craft as you actually feel the forces of you launching up a simulated weightlessness andthen re-entry back down to Earth.

The faster it spins, the more you feel the forces of gravity.

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