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CNN News:踏足政坛并非跻身亿万富豪之列 需要融入社区




Then it's over to Europe where we check in with the American school of Milan in Italy.

Macao was a special administrative region of China.

And it's home to the international school of Macao, which is the last stop in today's around the world roll.

We've been bringing you career connection segments from professionals all year long.

Today, we are talking to a mayor about his involvement in local government.

I became involved in politics to try to influence what my town became as a group.

Local government is not a spectator sport.

It's something that you participate in, and it's something that really with minimal involvement you can have a big impact on your local government.

Politics is really just the people skill, and wherever you are in dealing with people, politics is the skill of dealing with people.

And so, politics is not something you learn in law school, it's not something you learn in medical school or in any school.

It's a-it's politics is what you've learned from working with people every day and trying to bring a group together to a joint decision.

It's very easy to enter into politics on a volunteer basis.

You can volunteer in a campaign at whatever age, at whatever level.

Politicians are always looking for folks to help in their campaign.

It's a great learning experience.

It's a great way to learn your community.

Whether you are running a city or campaigning, you've got to lead people.

You've got to bring a team together.

People's skills are at the root of it. It's a good career.

It's not a career that you are going to become a billionaire at, but you'll be involved in the community, people will appreciate what you are doing, and you'll enjoy your work.

All right. We've been looking to break our pun record, and we found a video to make it work.

This is Waffles, the Cat, and he's waffling over a jump from the snow covered van to that icy roof.

Come on now, Waffles, you've got this. Here it comes.

There it goes. Waffles might want to wipe away the embarrassment after that failed attempt.

Thanks to this YouTube video, he won't slip into obscurity, because even if the cat couldn't get his footing his video is gaining traction.

If Waffles is the first to attempt this, he's in the vanguard.

That kind of cataclysmic catastrophe is snow way to make a name for yourself.

Waffles could bat around other ideas. He could try a catapult.

You' have to let Waffles iron out the details on that.

It'd be an ice edition, and Waffles might be feline ready to leap at another chance to advance his name.

That's a different tale.

For now, he'll pause, catch his breath and ponder his next move and we'll do the same, trying to think of more but cats my tongue.

Have a great day!

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