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CNN News:谷歌大举收购机器人公司




Some are calling this, the start of a robotrevolution.

Not the bipedal working robot you see here, but thefact that Google has bought the company thatmakes it.

It's called Boston Dynamics.

You might have seen one of its other creations, the big dog robot on our show.

The company has sold millions worth of products to the U.S. military.

Why would Google buy it?

Well, it's possible robots could be usedto move products in warehouses.

Or to deliver packages to doorsteps.

It's also possible they could take jobs currently done by people.

Google isn't saying what it plans to do with this technology or how much it paid for it.

The Boston Dynamics is the eighth robotic company that Google has bought in the pat sixmonths.

Well, if compassion, giving and generosity are parts of the Christmas spirit, an exceptionalexample is in today's character study.

Lay away helps you reserve something you want to buy, like a gift.

You pay part of the price upfront, and then the store holds it for you until you pay the restovertime.

One Walmart shopper hated the idea of others coming up short on layaway.

He was running his carts I can't believe they didn't' melt. He was running himself ...

Deb Davis says in her 13 years of working at Walmart, she has never seen anything like it.

We've had layaway Santas that will do it.

A couple of thousands here, a couple of thousands there, but 20,000 was just, you know, anamazing amount.

Over $20,000 helping some 80 people.

It happened this past Saturday, and we now know that layaway Santa is Greg Parady, a localfinancial planner who was supposed to be here buying bicycles for Toys for Tots, when hedecided to do a little more.

So, I came back here and I saw him standing here with his credit card and he was just swiping,and swiping.

Cindy Nazarro was his business partner, and snapped these photos of Parady paying away.

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