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CNN News:乌克兰首都基辅爆发大规模抗议冲突




Welcome to Friday.

The week's last edition of CNN STUDENT NEWS.

My name is Carl Azuz.

Our ten minutes of commercial free coveragestarts in Ukraine.

It's a politically divided country.

Late last year, Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych called off a trade deal with the EuropeanUnion and agreed to one with Russia instead.

Protests followed by people who disagreed with the president's decision and wanted closer tieswith the European Union.

The government recently passed lawslimiting what protesters were allowed to do in Ukraine, and the protests turned violent.

There was a truce yesterday, which brought hours of calm to an area that had been anythingbut.

Here's how things looked before the truce was called.

This demonstration for the time being characterized more by noise than by violence, butthere have been clashes overnight.

One protester was shot dead, a very serious escalation in the violence.

Fury at the turn this day has taken. "You have no right to kill him," this woman screams.

In the makeshift hospital we learned that more have been killed.

The doctors say that they had wounds to their chest, one of them shot directly in the head.

We don't know yet what-could have been plastic bullets.

The prime minister says that the riot police are not equipped with live ammunition.

But plastic bullets fired into crowds, are clearly dangerous enough.

Even if these crowds are brave and push back.

No matter the consequences for those unlucky enough to end up in police hands.

We are wearing all of our protective gear, not least because the protesters keep telling us, theriot policemen don't care whether you are press or whether you are a protester.

We've seen evidence of that ourselves.

Video where a riot policeman points his gun directly into the camera and fires.

At least 200 injured on the police side also.

The anger against them and the government who have banned all protesting feels universal.

Young and old brave the freezing old, landing a hand to the makeshift barricades, the makeshiftweapons.

It's line of fire.

Burning tires has formed a very effective barricade between the protesters and the riot policewho are lined up on the other side.

They've been pushing these burning fires further and further up the road, and as you can seenow, they are getting their missiles ready, stones, we've seen them preparing and makingMolotoff cocktails to throw through the smoke at police.

The battleground of the most primitive kind, but still dangerous, still deadly, nonetheless.

Diana Magnay, CNN, Kiev.

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