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CNN News:美国白人警察枪杀黑人免起诉




The verdict from a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri: 28-year old police officer Darren Wilson will not be charged in the shooting death of 18-year old Michael Brown. The grand jury`s decision came about 3.5 months after Officer Wilson shot Brown who was unarmed.

There was a confrontation between them on August 9. Some witnesses and those who supported Brown said he was trying to surrender when Officer Wilson shot him. Police and those who supported Wilson said Brown assaulted the officer and that Wilson fired in self-defense.

The country prosecutor said that after a full and impartial examination of all of the evidence which only the grand jury saw, it found no probable cause to charge Officer Wilson with wrongdoing.

The verdict was not what many demonstrators wanted to hear. In the hours that followed, the protest turned violent. Stores were vandalized. Police cars were damaged to set on fire. Police were using tear gas and smoke bombs. Teachers, you can find the latest events from Ferguson at

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